The Services we offer for events that get results

Every event has a unique reason for being and deserves its own bespoke solution so we never just produce an event straight out of the box. We collaborate with clients, making sure we understand your objectives before we present a tailored response.

Event Management

Whether you’re planning exhibitions, festivals, events, markets or conferences, we are here to launch, manage, develop, or assist. Choose all-inclusive event management or select specific services tailored to your needs.

Our dedicated team specialises in managing event content, programming, scheduling, feature management, sales, marketing, operations, procurement, budgets, talent management, and ticket sales leaving you free to focus on what matters most. With a proven track record of incredible events for a diverse range of clients, we bring creativity, precision, and passion to every project.


We understand the challenges of delivering outstanding events with quality traders. Let’s work together for your market, festival, show, exhibition, or event. Our proven track record involves great partnerships with a variety of great companies. Channell has a fantastic reputation with a huge number of companies across the country, working with hundreds of traders every year.

Our dedicated sales team is backed by a solid track record of success. How can we help you?


We pride ourselves on our exceptional creativity and unwavering effectiveness in crafting marketing plans and content tailored to our clients and projects. From brand development to website design, social media management, content creation and marketing campaigns, we specialise in strategies aimed at boosting awareness, generating publicity, and attracting visitors for your product, event or consumer base.

Content Programming

Over the years Channell Events has worked in many event sectors. We understand exhibitions, festivals and events and we know how to fill those seats. We programme many types of features, launch them, develop them, design them and deliver the content. With a track record of content programming in many sectors, talent management, music, scheduling, on-site management, travel and hotel logistics and creative planning we love what we do! Managing budgets, design, and content. We love what we do. Can we help you?


At Channell Events, our diverse skill sets, and extensive experience define the quality of service we offer to each client. Every day, we work with a range of companies utilising our expertise to develop, sell, market, programme, manage and launch markets, festivals and events. We also work with clients for marketing advice and support. We have worked with clients to launch events from scratch, manage them and hand them back or keep managing. How can we help you?

Our 2024 Events Calendar

We are delighted to have some incredible Festivals and Markets ahead of us this year. Take a look at our calendar of events.