Great success for Great Taste Festival of Food and Drink


We recently featured in Street Food New’s article about the Festival of Food & Drink, read the original here: Street Food News

We had such a fantastic time at the First Festival of Food & Drink at Clumber Park hosted by Channell Events, we knew that their third year would be an unmissable event for 2015 and it certainly did exceed all expectations! We know when it comes to an outdoor event in September the weather is at the forefront of making the day a success, they say the Sun shines on the righteous, it did!

We received a very warm welcome from Bev at Channell Events; who have hosted the event for the last 3 years and kindly invited us along this year. As we caught up with Bev, Lisa Faulkner happened to pass by and stopped for a chat, Lisa had just ordered her Duck Wrap from The lovely team at The Duck Truck to collect later, with this we headed for the Street Food catering area and was wowed by the great choice of food on offer and the layout was perfect for all the food vendors.

Our first stop was @Crepe_Escape where we were greeted by the owners Father “Dodge” straight away he was on to making us the most amazing crepe, it really was as good as it looks and Dodge certainly adds to the whole theatre of the Crepe Escape ethos.

Not ones to copy, we headed for The Duck Truck, if Lisa Faulkner was having one then we had to try one too, if you see them at the next event you attend then definitely join that queue and chow down on their succulent shredded duck wrap.

The queues were gathering and lunchtime was upon us, we spotted Andy and Donna from Andy’s Low N Slow, sadly the queue beat us to it but we did get a quick look at Donna’s Ring and congratulated them on their recent engagement, no doubt the food at the wedding reception will be legendary!

We then headed for the Big Red Bus Bar, ( two pints for Donna and Andy were delivered and we enjoyed a refreshing glass or two of Guinesses wandering around the festival, there was something for everyone  here and the marquees were packed full of foodie goodness that made this a memorable day for all.

The highlight of the day was meeting John Torode who kindly signed our copy of his new book, “My Kind of Food” (it is) incoming Book Plug, go and buy it today as it’s really one to have on the shelf, the recipes are so easy to follow and even our MD managed to cook the perfect Beef Rendang!

John had just returned from Malaysia and we asked what’s his favourite Street Food, to which he declared Panang, John chatted to all the attendees who had purchased VIP tickets for the festival and signed lots of copies of his new book. The Cookery Theatre was full to the brim with lots of theatre and fun from Chetna Makin, John Torode and John Burton Race, think John managed to mention his new cook book a few times too with a great sense of humour, we will now watch him on TV knowing they must be having a right good laugh when they’re filming with John around. To conclude, if your lucky enough to attend next year as a trader or in any other capacity you wont be disappointed, thank you to Bev and all the team for making us feel so welcome and hope to see you all again next year!

The Great Taste Festival of Food & Drink event was very professionally hosted and orchestrated by Channell Events.


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